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Reviewing A Owl Themed Hotel!! 🦉🌸🌼🌺🌻 #bedandbreakfast #food #somerset

Hey chicks 👋 As the world is begging to slowly go back to the norm, we took a little trek to Weston super mare, in Somerset last weekend, and found a cute little b&b that is owl themed. So In this blog I’ll be reviewing the hotel 🏨 & food in the hotel 🥘 I… Continue reading Reviewing A Owl Themed Hotel!! 🦉🌸🌼🌺🌻 #bedandbreakfast #food #somerset


Eating Weird Vegan Foods! #VeganFood #VeganFoodSeries

Hey chicks! Part 4 of my eating weird vegan food part series! After the popularity of my three part 'Eating Weird Vegetarian Food Series', I had many requests from you all asking me to review Vegan food. I am not a vegan myself, however I enjoy the plant-based meal and follow roughly a 80% Vegan… Continue reading Eating Weird Vegan Foods! #VeganFood #VeganFoodSeries

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🎃🎃 Pumpkin Picking on a farm! 🎃🎃 #spooktober #pumpkinpicking #pumpkins

Hey guys! Welcome to mu first ever blog at halloween! Today, is a quick blog & review at Pengoed Fach Farm, where every October they have a pumpkin patch field. It costs £4 a car to enter, not priced individually and for that you can have as many photos as you want to take, in… Continue reading 🎃🎃 Pumpkin Picking on a farm! 🎃🎃 #spooktober #pumpkinpicking #pumpkins


Magic Wrap Review 🌟 #cardiff #vegetarian #wrapreview

Hey guys. So did you know that Cardiff now has a new wrap restaurant called magic wrap? Cool right? I had to pay a visit as lockdown ended a few days ago and review for you. (This was before restrictions) It's similar to subway where you can create signature wraps or salads, or create your… Continue reading Magic Wrap Review 🌟 #cardiff #vegetarian #wrapreview


Being a student in lockdown blog (again)… #lockdownfood #vegetarian

Hey guys and welcome back to my blog. So, I’m on lockdown again, (second time fun) so I’ve decided to do a little blog on what I’ve been up to as I’m in the middle of studying my masters. Study booths: are currently available if you pre-book, however due to government guidelines we are currently… Continue reading Being a student in lockdown blog (again)… #lockdownfood #vegetarian

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Reviewing Tim Hortons 🍩 Cardiff’s First Tim Hortons! 🍰

Hey my lovelies! Welcome back to my blog. Today we are reviewing Tim Hortons in Cardiff. It is the first time the brand has opened its doors to Cardiff and I had to go and review the food! I attended during the #eatouttohelpoutscheme so got 50% off all food bill. Everything minus the donut box… Continue reading Reviewing Tim Hortons 🍩 Cardiff’s First Tim Hortons! 🍰

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My favourite Subway Meal!🥪🌶🥗🌽 #review #subway #vegetarian 🥒🥦

W E L C O M E B A C K C H I C K S! With Wales still on lockdown... I am unable to do restaurant reviews... But I managed to pick up a Subway from my nearest town, so thought I'd share with you chicks, my 'usual' sub, Lettuce Eat! (pun intended)… Continue reading My favourite Subway Meal!🥪🌶🥗🌽 #review #subway #vegetarian 🥒🥦


Reviewing Food In Revolution (Cardiff) #foodreview #Revs

W E L C O M E   B A C K   C H I C K S ♡♡♡♡♡♡ PLEASE NOTE: This is a review from a restaurant I went to a month ago, I decided to go back & revisit & review the restaurant. I won't be reviewing any new restaurants on my blog for… Continue reading Reviewing Food In Revolution (Cardiff) #foodreview #Revs

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Reviewing My Hotel & food In LA! 🇺🇸🏞😱🥰 #AMERICA #Holidayinn #FOODREVIEW #AMERICANFOOD

W E L C O M E   B A C K   C H I C K S ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Hey Chicks!  PLEASE NOTE: This is a new review of a hotel that I visited back a while ago while I was In America, this was not during the Coronovirus outbreak. I've took a little break from reviewing… Continue reading Reviewing My Hotel & food In LA! 🇺🇸🏞😱🥰 #AMERICA #Holidayinn #FOODREVIEW #AMERICANFOOD